Communication Channels

Title Contact Responsibilities Contact Information
Head of School Sally Thorogood – Strategic Leadership (Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan, Board, Policy)
– Operational Leadership (Action Plan, Transition Europe, Academic Program, Accreditations, HR, Financial, Admissions, Marketing & Communications, Stakeholder Management, Facilities)
+1 650 324 8617
Preschool Principal Heike Schmalstieg – Preschool Operations (Curriculum, Staff Supervision & Evaluation, Preschool Hort, Licensing, Parents, Students, Recruitment, Admissions, Operations, Materials & Books, Professional Development, Attendance, Head of Department, Academic Calendar, SST).
+1 650-324-8617, ext. 700
K-8 Principal Sally Thorogood – Elementary School Operations (Curriculum, Staff Supervision & Evaluation, Parents, Students, Recruitment, Admissions, Operations, Materials & Books, Professional Development, Attendance, Head of Department, Academic Calendar, Assessments, SST.
+1 650-324-8617, ext. 702
Assistant Principal Alex Norwood – Middle School Operations (Curriculum, Staff Supervision & Evaluation, Parents, Students, Operations, Professional Development, Attendance, Academic Calendar, High School Transitions, Assessments, Recruitment, Materials & Books, SST, MYP coordinator.
+1 650-324.8617, ext. 703
Assistant Principal Monika Hoge – Special Programs (Special Needs Program, Student Records & Reports, Testing & Assessments, Inclusion, Student Performance, Behavior, Social Development, Physical Health)
– PYP Coordinator
Interim Business Manager Kirsten Leimroth – Human Resources (Visas, Employee Relations, Health Insurance)
– Financial Accounting (Payroll, Treasury, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, Budgeting)
– Contracts (Enrollment/Tuition)
– Travel & Accommodations
– Archive Management
+1 650-324-8617, ext. 706
Admissions & School Services
Roman Bruegger – Admissions & CRM (Enrollment & Admissions – Assessments, Re-enrollment, Relocation, Recommendation Processing, Forms & Translations, School Fairs)
– Campaign Management (Development & Fundraising, Activities & Events, Donor Relations, Grants, Campaign Collateral, Annual Gala & Auction)
– Donation Processing & Database Management (Donor Database, Donations, Government Funding & Testing)
– Back-End (Managebac, Open Apply, Alias, Jotform, Constant Contact, Google)
-Job Postings
+1 650-324-8617, ext. 708
Marketing & Communications Manager Katharina Glaser – Marketing, Communications & Public Relations (Branding & Positioning, Internal & External Communications, Publications, Media Relations, Collateral, Social Media, Yearbook)
– Organizational Content & Collateral (Art Direction & Design, Editorial Direction, Vendor & Materials Management, Website)
– International & External Marketing (Advertising, Vendor Management, Blog, Media contact)
– Event Management (Community Outreach, Sponsorships, Collateral, RSVPs, School Functions, Board Meetings, Community Meetings)
– Clerical Administration (Support)
+1 650-324-8617, ext. 707
Reception & Front Office Ina Albert – Front Office (students, parents, staff, vendors)
– Room & Calendar Management (Academic Calendar, Campus Map, Signs)
– Clerical Administration (Attendance, Directories, Traffic Duty & Volunteer Management, Health Department/School Physician Forms, Picture Day)
– Office & Staff Room Supplies (PE uniforms, Office Supplies, Kitchen Supplies)
– Security Management (Emergency forms, School Drills, Alarm, Emergency Supplies & Backpacks, CPR & AED Training)
+1 650-324-8617, ext. 705
Librarian Uli Francis – Library Operations (Information Literacy, Mentoring, Coaching, Learning Community, Supporting IB Units of Inquiry and Work, Library Database, Digital Literacy, System for Delivery of Services)
Head of Technology Deborah Trimble – Information Technology (Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Network, Internet, Software, Hardware, Training, Monitoring, Security, Budget, Mapping)
Hort & Afterschool Care Florian Busch – Hort and Afterschool Care (Emergency Numbers, Preschool, Kindergarten, Vorschule)
Custodian Tim Farris – Facility Management (Maintenance & Repairs, Construction & Renovation, Government Regulations, Work Days, Cleaning & Gardening Services)
– Event Set-Up
– Traffic Duty
– Kid Chow
Human Resources Department HR Team – HR related issues
– Applications