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Communication Channels

Title Contact Responsibilities Contact Information
Managing Director Dominic Liechti Operational and strategic leadership, staffing, recruiting, admissions, strategic plan, action plan, curriculum development, facility, stakeholder management, financial planning, marketing, presentation, communication, technology, accreditation (WASC, IBO), school assessments, performance evaluations of administration, policies, class lists, schedules, handbooks, marketing, public relations, networking, transition process (high school, Europe). [email protected]
+1 650 324 8617
Preschool Principal Heike Schmalstieg Preschool curriculum, staff supervision and evaluation, preschool hort, licensing, parents, students, recruitment, admissions, operations, materials and books budget, marketing, tours, professional development, attendance, heads of department, academic calendar, special needs, SST. [email protected]
+1 650-462-6877
Elementary Principal Sally Thorogood Curriculum, staff supervision and evaluation, parents, students, recruitment, admissions, operations, materials and books budget, marketing, tours, professional development, attendance, head of departments, academic calendar, special needs, SST, PYP coordinator. [email protected]
+1 650-462-6875
International Middle School Principal Amanda Afshar Curriculum, staff supervision and evaluation, parents, students, operations, professional development, attendance, academic calendar, special needs, SST, MYP coordinator, MYP meetings. [email protected]
+1 650-462-6880
Business Manager Susi Lindley Finance, travel, accommodation, visas, new teacher starter packet and training, transportation, fund-raising, insurance, accounts receivable and accounts payable, interns, hosting family placement. [email protected]
+1 650 462 6878
Roman Bruegger Support Managing Director, marketing, school event management (members meeting, board meeting, back to school nights, fund-raising, dance, coffee meetings, info evenings, open houses, breakfasts, conference day, student led conference, talks, ManageBac (back-end, users), general information, correspondence, advertising, resource management (inventory, books, materials), translations, newsletter, directories, school and academic calendar, public relations, forms management, sign-ups, surveys, carpool, report cards, archive management, homepage, subscriptions and memberships. [email protected]
+1 650-462-6879
Admissions and School Services Manager Uschi Waite Student admissions for all programs, interviews and tours, substitute management, after-school program (Hort), student counsel, culture events, student policies, support of principals & director, social event management (Sommerfest, Winterfest, Beach Party, Potlucks), Extracurricular Program, Work Days, office supplies, care management (CPR, AED, Emergency Policy), security management, yearbook, cleaning, drills, gardening, volunteer management, facility management, committee support, picture day, meet and greet. [email protected]
+1 650 324 8617
Librarian Jana Seidel
Uli Francis
Information literacy, mentoring, coaching, learning community, supporting IB Units of Inquiry and Work, library databases, digital literacy, system for delivery of services. [email protected]
[email protected]
Technology Manager Michael Delay Maintenance, troubleshooting, network, Internet, software, hardware, training, monitoring, security, budget, mapping. [email protected]
Hort & Afterschool Care Hort and afterschool care, emergency number, Preschool, Kindergarten, Vorschule, +1 650 462-6877
Custodian Tim Farris Repair, setup, maintenance, work days, troubleshooting, traffic duty, Kid Chow. [email protected]
+1 650 324 8617