Board of Directors

The GAIS Board of Directors is the guardian of the school’s mission and has responsibility for the financial and legal strength of the school.

The GAIS Board of Directors currently has seven members.


Kristen Hughes,
Board Chair

Kristen Hughes and her husband, Tony Loeser, have two children; they have been a part of the GAIS community since 2004.

They were first attracted to the school because of the bilingual preschool, but stayed for the IB program, the curriculum, and the teachers at GAIS. One child has graduated GAIS, the other is in middle school.

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Kristen has spent her career in high tech and venture capital before changing careers, getting a M.Ed. at Stanford and a science teaching credential.

While neither Tony nor Kristen speak German with the kids, they appreciate the supportive academic and social environment at the school. Their children are not only growing up bilingual, but also growing and learning in an environment committed to nurturing open-minded inquirers.

Sven Weber,

Sven Weber joined the Board in May 2013 and is serving as Treasurer.

As the President of SharesPost Investment Management, Sven is responsible for the management of SharesPost Funds. Before joining SharesPost, Sven served as President of SVB Capital at Silicon Valley Bank, where he managed the company’s venture capital investing business, which included direct, secondary and fund of fund investments exceeding $1.5 billion under management.

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Prior to SVB Capital, Sven managed secondary investments at Cipio Partners and direct investments for Siemens. He previously had operational responsibilities at both Vodafone Germany and O2 Germany.

Sven holds a master’s degree in physics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where he specialized in information technology and environmental physics.

Matthias Hausner,

Matthias Hausner grew up in Switzerland near Basel. He moved to the Bay Area in 1997 and now lives in Belmont with his partner Davina. They have one child at GAIS.

Matthias holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from ETH in Zurich. He has worked for a number of software companies as engineer and manager, including Borland, VMware and Google. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2010.

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He supported the school’s administration in implementing a good balance between all aspects of the IB’s approach to learning and strong academics for all children at GAIS.

Michael Schallehn,
Board Member

Michael Schallehn and his wife, Melanie, have two children. Their daughter is in pre-school and their son in elementary school; they have been a part of the GAIS community since 2011.

Michael works as a partner at Bain & Company in the Silicon Valley Office. He is a leader in Bain’s Technology practice and is advising his clients on strategic questions such as corporate/BU strategy, M&A, innovation and entry into new markets. Prior to joining Bain, Michael worked as a research & development engineer in the chemical industry.

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Michael earned a diploma and a doctorate in Material Science with focus on nanotechnology from the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany.


Jon Kessler,
Board Member

Jon Kessler is the Executive Chairman of HealthEquity, managing the firm’s day-to-day operations and leading the Board of Directors. He joined HealthEquity in 2009.  Jon is also the founder of WageWorks, a provider of tax-advantaged programs for consumer-directed health, commuter and other employee spending account benefits.

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Jon was also previously a senior economist in Washington, DC, specializing in employee benefits and environmental taxation during the Clinton and Bush (Sr.) administrations, and a benefits taxation specialist at Arthur Andersen, LLP.

Jon holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a bachelor’s degree from George Washington University.  He holds a US patent for inventions covering methods for electronically adjudicating pre-tax healthcare and other expense transactions. Jon is a board member of bank holding company Redwood Capital, of the non-partisan Employee Benefits Research Institute in Washington, and advisory board member of the Innovation in Insurance program of the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business.

Brooke Heckert,
Board Member

Brooke Heckert worked for GE Capital for thirteen years.  In her most recent role as VP, Global E-Commerce, Brooke was responsible for developing the strategy, securing the funding and recruiting the team to develop the Internet as a primary sales, marketing, and service channel for GE Capital’s $4.2 billion net income consumer finance business operating in 52 countries. Brooke also was responsible for the online online user experience and identity as well as cross functional integration with technology, risk, finance and operations.

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Prior to this role, Brooke held a series of positions with increasing levels of responsibility within GE Capital from managing front line associates to leading growth efforts from ideation to commercialization in business development, product development, customer relationship management and e-commerce.  Brooke is certified in the six sigma and design for six sigma methodologies.

Brooke holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Computer Information Systems & Operations Management from Indiana University.

Brooke and her husband, Michael Linse, have three children at GAIS — in preschool, first grade and the fourth grade.

Sally Thorogood,
Head of School

Ex-Officio Member

Sally was born in England, near London, and studied, lived and worked in several different parts of the country before moving to Munich in 1997. She has been an educator for more than two decades and has taught children from kindergarten through fifth grade, initially in the English state school system and from 1998-2012 in Munich International School (MIS)

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By 2012, Sally’s children, James and Jenni, had graduated from different universities in England and based themselves in Munich and London respectively. At that point Sally and her husband were ready for a new adventure and were delighted to have the opportunity to become positively immersed in the GAIS school community and life in California.

Beate Teufel,
Head of GAIS Parent Association

Ex-Officio Member 

Beate Teufel was elected as President of the GAIS Parent Association for the 2015-16 school year.

Her children are currently in 6th and 4th grades and have been attending GAIS since preschool. While her family was initially attracted to the preschool with its play-based curriculum, they now value the progressive educational IB program. They love the community spirit and the engaged staff at GAIS and are committed to staying through high school.

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Having grown up in Germany, Beate has an educational background in pediatric intensive care nursing and has worked in the largest neonatal intensive care unit in Germany for many years as bedside nurse, preceptor and educator. She is married to Robert, whom she met playing volleyball almost 30 years ago.

After the Bay Area became their home of choice in 1996, Beate first earned her degree in nursing and then obtained a chiropractic degree. While her children were small, she practiced part time for eight years with main focus on treating children and preventing postural injuries. After taking a family leave for a year in Germany, she now works as RN at Stanford Hospital. She volunteers with the Breast Cancer 3-Day and is active in her church community.