GAIS Parent Association, Class Reps & Class Helpers

GAIS Parent Associaton (GPA)

The GPA is very active at our school and contributes greatly to our community. Throughout the year, our Class Reps and Class Helpers help our parents, families and teachers together as one community.

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Class Representatives

Class Reps facilitate communication between teachers and parents; among parents in the class; and sometimes between classes in a grade level. Class Reps engage and listen to parents and direct parents to appropriate resources such as a teacher or administrator for any issues and concerns, and attend the Class Rep meetings, which usually occur from 8:45 to 9:30 a.m. on the first Friday of the month.

Classroom Helpers

Classroom Helpers support teachers, including helping with class events, special errands, organizing classroom supplies, helping with events like Halloween and Thanksgiving, supporting library class time, help with fieldtrip set-up and carpool organization for fieldtrips, organizing Sports Day and Sommerfest, and in the school ensuring each class has adequate sports equipment. Class Helpers support the and eScrip drives which provides budget for parent education and activities sponsored by Class Reps and Class Helpers.