At GAIS, we take great pride in the professionalism, experience, and child-centered approach of our teachers, academic and administrative staff.

Working at GAIS

The German-American International School, located in beautiful Menlo Park, California, just 25 miles south of San Francisco and next door to Palo Alto, home of Stanford University. Menlo Park is in the Silicon Valley and is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the Bay area. Due to an outstanding transportation network, teachers have a large choice of living locations ranging from San Francisco to San Jose.

Who are we?

GAIS is a highly regarded bilingual (German/English) International Baccalaureate World School with a special feel – it is welcoming, caring and supportive.

We have developed an outstanding reputation in our community and provide an exciting and vibrant working environment for experienced and dedicated teachers who have a high level of commitment, energy and stamina and who give freely of their time.

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GAIS “champions its staff”. This is done through respecting and valuing teachers, including them in the decision making processes of the school, providing a competitive remuneration package and opportunities for professional growth.

GAIS offers Preschool to Grade 8 (ages 3-14 year olds)  with approximately 315 students all located on one large, attractive campus. The school includes a German language immersion Preschool and Kindergarten, a bilingual Elementary School, and an International Middle School with programs for both German and English speakers.

GAIS bubbles with creativity and enthusiasm. We are all committed to “doing it better” and usually believe we can do everything. Teachers and parents get hooked on GAIS! Kids love coming to school.

GAIS is known as the school with a heart. If you are warm, caring, love kids and passionate about teaching – you may have the kind of heart that we are looking for!

GAIS Candidate Profile

Success in an international teaching position depends on many synergies being realized. Some elements that are important to taking up a successful appointment at GAIS include:

GAIS could be the right school for you if…
  • … you are looking for a school that is progressive and is committed to excellence, and where you can work as part of a team to make a real difference, and you enjoy working hard…
  • … you are upbeat and always look on the bright side…
  • … you are passionate about teaching and learning and you are excited at the prospect of living in one of the most beautiful and dynamic locations in the US, then read on…
Are you a GAIS fit?

You are a good fit for GAIS if you are…

  • a good match in applicant’s skills and expertise and GAIS’s needs;
  • a good match to GAIS’s educational philosophy and pedagogy;
  • a good fit with GAIS’s culture;
What do we look for?

Suitable experience and qualifications:

  • A fit to GAIS’s Mission and Values
  • High level of professionalism and commitment to the school
  • Child focused – warm, caring and supportive
  • Team player – collaborative
  • Ability to become part of a community and work with parents
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Commitment to ongoing professional growth and development
  • Skilled in IT
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • General interest in bilingual education
  • Experience in school events and extra curricular activities programs
  • Experience in coaching sporting teams
  • Experience in outdoor education and recreation programs
  • Experience and expertise in school development
  • Leadership experience/responsibility
  • Able to balance high demands of work with personal recreational pursuits
  • Preference to teachers trained in IB PYP, IB MYP (see the IBO web site for more details)
  • Inquiry-based and hands-on learning experience
  • Using local context and environment to enhance learning
  • Creating a stimulating Classroom environment
Desirable Professional Experiences And Practices
  • Multi-cultural approach or experiences
  • Experience in meeting needs of individual students
  • Experience in enquiry approach to teaching and learning
  • Experience in activity based hands on learning
  • High level IT skills and experience in integrating IT across the curriculum
  • Experience with contemporary practices in English and Mathematics
  • Experience with authentic assessment practices

Application Process

In order to submit your application please refer to the specially designed website ‘Job Application Process‘.