GAIS Foerderverein

The GAIS Förderverein is a great way to stay in touch with both our school and the GAIS families who have returned to Europe.


Dr. Franz Riedlinger – Vizepräsident, Dr. Andreas Dorsel – Schriftführer, Ute Dorsel – Schatzmeisterin, Dr. Holger Fiedler – Präsident (left to right)




Dear GAIS Friends,

Over the 25 year history of the school, hundreds of GAIS families have returned or relocated to the German-speaking Europe. The “Förderverein” offers these families a great opportunity to support this wonderful school, while alumni meetings allow them to keep up with old friends. Our website is intended to allow you to stay abreast with recent developments at the school, and continue to build the bridge of international awareness, clearly fitting in with our mission to educate global and critical thinkers.

Having achieved our goal of implementing the International Baccalaureate program throughout the entire school from Preschool to Grade 8, and introducing an IB High School in the fall of 2016, we have been working on upgrading our facilities and programs to enhance the GAIS experience.

We are extremely thankful to all the families, alumni and corporations for their continued financial and hands-on support to help the school prosper and invest in the future. The commitment and generosity of our families never ceases to amaze us. The German Förderverein remains an important part of our fundraising efforts. Operating an outstanding school does have its financial ramifications, however, the most important favor you can do to our school does not cost you anything. Just tell your friends about GAIS, increase the awareness of what we offer, and make our recruiting of new families much easier.

To all our alumni around the word, we would love to hear how you are doing, please send any updates of your whereabouts to so that we can keep in touch. Also, you can always download the newest Newsletter from the website.

To learn more about the German Förderverein, and for membership applications or tax-free donations, please contact the founder and secretary Andreas Dorsel

We wish you all a great school year wherever you are.


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