Job Application Process

Below please find the application process at the German-American International School:

Submitting Online Application

Submitting Online Application

All candidates submit their applications online (Teachers, Admin or Internship). The objective is for GAIS to identify those candidates who best meet the criteria within the candidate profile, and to recommend these “best matches” to the hiring committee to consider for possible interviews at the school.

  • Personal Information
  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • Extra-Curricular Interests
  • Professional Growth
  • References
  • Questionnaire/Writing Sample (10 lines max each question, 12pt)
  • Transcripts and Degree
Screening your Application / Skype Interview

Screening your Application / Skype Interview

The hiring team is screening your application and will notify you as soon as possible if you will be invited for a Skype/FaceTime interview with the concerned administrator. These primarily interview supports the hiring committee to get a sense of his or her personal and professional attributes and a sense of whether there is a good “fit.”

Identify candidates

Identify candidates who best meet the criteria (short-listed candidates)

By this stage, the hiring committee will be dealing with a set of candidates who have all objectively demonstrated a good fit with the candidate profile. While the hiring committee will keep those objective criteria firmly in mind, they are now also evaluating candidates against those less objective but very important criteria of how well a candidate’s teaching capacities will match the student, faculty, and community climate, needs, and expectations.

Upload Demo Lesson (Teachers only)

Upload a demo lesson (For Teaching Position only)

The Managing Director or hiring committee will ask prospect candidates to upload a video of a full demo lesson (45min). Please provide your file by sending us the link to the respective demo lesson (,, etc.) via Video Upload Form:

Select finalist candidates

Select finalist candidates for in-person interview

When the hiring committee has decided to invite a candidate for an in-person interview, which usually takes place between January – March, there will be one final phone or e-mail conversation to discuss the general contract provisions, including a salary range acceptable to the school.

The school will confirm with the candidate that these general compensation limits would not present a barrier to the candidate accepting an appointment, if offered.

The objective is to meet with the current Managing Director, Principal and other key administrators. The school will reimburse the candidate for all expenses, which are accommodation and transportation.

Select, Offer and Appoint

Select, Offer and Appoint

The Managing Director and Hiring Committee decide on selection. The Managing Director makes an offer, conducts any final negotiations and concludes appointments. The other candidates will be informed.