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Please be informed that meals are only available for kids from K/VS - Grade 8 (NO Preschool) and have to be ordered two weeks prior to the actual delivery date! Your first order deadline is Monday, August 11, 2014 for service starting on Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Click here for the Fall 2014 Welcome Letter and Sample Menu GAIS (includes menu)


We are a family owned business that prepares and delivers all natural lunches to Bay Area schools and camps. Our mission is to serve the highest quality, locally sourced foods in a sustainably responsible and affordable way.

We are committed to using the best possible ingredients to prepare every Kid Chow lunch. We use hormone and antibiotic-free meats and dairy, nitrate-free deli and 100% fresh organic fruit and vegetables EVERY SCHOOL DAY (ok, 90% when nature doesn’t quite cooperate!) along with many other organic menu items. We are unique in that each lunch from our extensive daily selection is custom-ordered and individually packed right down to the bread, condiments, type of bean, fruit, chip and drink packed in each student’s lunch.

At Kid Chow, each child receives a personalized, homespun meal in an old-fashioned (and compostable!) brown lunch bag as though it was prepared at home by you. By design, we offer an inclusive menu that caters to all kids in a school community, vegetarians, kids with allergies, picky or adventurous eaters, because we believe ALL kids should have access to healthy school lunches.

Please be informed that Kid Chow is only available for kids in K/VS – Grade 8 (NO Preschool).


When you first login to Kidchow, you will have to enter your childs new Grade and school info prior to ordering – this is only the case only for the first sign up prior to the new school year.

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If you are considering ordering Kidchow catered lunches hot or cold for your child(ren) at GAIS (available Mo, Wed, Thu, Fri), please go directly to http://www.kidchow.com and enter the information for your child with Grade and school information. All ordering is done directly through the Kidchow website. The lunches are delivered to school and Tim Farris supports the handing out of the lunches in time for your childs break. Please instruct your child to pick up the lunch from Tim in the area in front of the VS classrooms – they can also ask other children or teachers to point them in the right direction. The school break areas are fairly small and the program has been running for a while so most children know about it, but for a child new at school it might still be overwhelming to find its way around in the first couple of days.