German Language Resources

We recommend a number of online tools, quizzes, readings, radio stations, dictionaries and educational material listed below.

Links to Resources

Dictionaries, Grammar and Classes

The authority on the German language
Free online German classes for all levels
Vocabulary trainer app and language games
Crossword puzzles for learners of the German language, topic-specific challenges, etc.
Internet-based electronic dictionary and translation dictionary initiated by the computer science department of the Technische Universität München in Germany
German publishers offer free online language training materials (choose your level from A1 to C2)
Succinct explanations and examples for German grammar rules

Young Children

A classic TV show for young kids featuring German songs, stories, educational kids’ videos, and more
For younger kids (preschool), similar content as Die Sendung mit der Maus
Interactive online content for one of the most popular kids’ programs in Germany
Archive of this popular show, discovering the world with a great host, learning about other countries, professions, hobbies
The well-established publisher of non-fiction books for young and older kids now offers the perfect online counterpart to the print editions
German language learning games (requires ability to read English)
Search Engine and kids’ appropriate content pre-selected and checked by humans
Collection of pre-selected and reviewed content (science, politics, hobbies, games, etc.) and search engine

Older Children

Fun science show for teenagers
Educational materials from German schools
Free online spelling lessons and trainers
German language study materials: work sheets covering specific areas of German (Groß- und Kleinschreibung, Zeiten, Wortarten, Trennung, Textverständnis), great for Middle School
Site for logging the German books your child reads. By answering multiple-choice questions, kids collect points. GAIS teachers monitor the score as it reflects the level of understanding in German writing.
German word games
Service provided by Duden, the authority on the German language, offers a collection of school-relevant content
Website about history with animantions and great content, sponsored by the German Ministry of Family and Children

Magazines, Radio, Tools

Online content of the popular bi-monthly print edition with sections on sports, science, German language, knowledge quizzes, etc.
Listen to German radio stations!
Kids’ content from Germany’s largest news outlet (TV, radio stations, games, videos)
Free eBooks also in German
Shop for Geman books and CDs, flat fee shipping to the US
The ‘Service’ tab contains recommendations for books, magazines, tools and more for specific reading interests