Shop Amazon or eScrip for GAIS

You can support GAIS by shopping through or escrip.
Please click on the icons below. and

Almost all of us spend money on Amazon, right? Please consider shopping through for GAIS. Amazon will donate up to 0.5% of purchases to GAIS. This adds up given our modern online shopping habits! It works with Amazon Prime, and all you have to do once you’ve signed up is surf to instead of to shop.

  1. Head to and sign in with your amazon account information.
  2. Pick the option to choose charitable organization and type in: “German-American International School.”  We will be the first charity on the list. Unfortunately, Amazon is currently pulling out of date information from old charity tax reports, so we are listed as The German American School Society Of San Francisco. Note that we were founded in 1988 and are in Menlo Park, CA, so pick this listing – it is the correct one!
  3. Then, drag the “” graphic to your bookmarks bar, and use that link when you want to buy from Amazon. It is easy and will help the school a lot. Thank you!

Similarly, you can have GAIS benefit from your shopping if you surf to through this link on our site. Thank you!


eScrip is a program with a long history that has recently made changes. You can shop and have merchants donate to GAIS if you are signed up through eScrip. It is easier than it used to be, so please consider it!

At, you register and then add your loyalty cards to have certain shops (for example Bianchini’s) donate to GAIS, and register your debit or credit cards to have other merchants donate (for example Draeger’s). Unfortunately, Safeways no longer participates, but you can check the merchants here to see whether you shop at any of them.

You will also need to search for and add “German-American International School” to your account, but when you sign up, the system takes you through this process. You can add up to 2 other non-profit organizations to support as well.

With your eScrip account, you will also have access to an online mall where certain merchants like Nordstrom, HP and Target have significant percentages of your purchases directed to GAIS as a donation. This requires a little more thought on your part than the eScrip program above, since you need to surf to the eScrip mall and click through their links for GAIS to get the benefit. However the donation percentage can be as high as 5%!