Hort Team

Katrin Huelse copyKatrin Huelse
Preschool Hort

Hello, my name is Katrin Huelse and I’m originally from Germany. I grew up multi-lingual, speaking German, French and English. I came to the U.S. in 2006 as an AuPair and lived with a family in Marin.
 In 2008, I started studying ECE (Early Childhood Education) at local community colleges and graduated in 2013. I have been working with children of various age and developmental levels in a variety of settings for about 10 years and have been loving it since.

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I am a spontaneous, creative and active person and I love to travel. Working here I am looking forward to expanding my horizon and knowledge and enrich your children’s experiences and relationship and make it memorable.
 My favorite quote is: “A great life isn’t about great huge things; it’s about small things that make a big difference.”

Franziska Braunstein copyFranziska Braunstein
Preschool Hort

My name is Franziska Braunstein. I grew up in a very small town in the beautiful black forest (Germany).

I received my Child Development Diploma in 2010. After my education as a preschool teacher I took one year off from university and became an Au Pair in Woodside where I took care of four lovely kids.

After my Au Pair year I worked from 2011- 2012 as a preschool teacher in Germany, before I started an advanced training in Cologne to become a therapist for children with special needs.

During my Au Pair year I enjoyed working and living in the Bay area. That’s why I decided to come back and work as a teacher at GAIS. I’m very proud and happy to be part of the GAIS team.

Mirko Kusuma Widjanarko
Physical & Health Education, Hort Teaching Assistant

My name is Mirko Widjanarko and I was born in a small city near Bremen, but grew up in a bilingual environment in Indonesia. After 18 years I went back to Germany where I finished my education as a „Heilerziehungspfleger“ in 2010. After that I worked in Cologne for two more years until I started advanced training in 2012 to become a therapist for children with special needs. In the same year I successfully completed my qualification as a sport instructor.

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Recently, I was working in a preschool in Düsseldorf where I also taught PE. In my spare time I like to draw, listen to music and do all kind of sports, like slack lining, soccer, tennis, cycling, swimming, and juggling. I am happy and very excited to be part of GAIS.


Sarah Roth copySarah Roth
Preschool Assistant / After School Program Teacher

I grew up in a small city in the beautiful wine region of Pfalz in Germany.

I received a masters degree at the University Koblenz-Landau in Educational Science with an emphasis in Early Childhood and Intercultural Education in 2011. After my graduation I worked as a socio-pedagogical family assistant with troubled families. Then I worked as preschool teacher at a German kindergarden and after school child care. I also provided educational counseling for the families there.

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Since I began my studies, I have worked with children and their families in a professional setting. Now I am very happy and excited to work in an international environment like GAIS!

In my free time I like hiking, listening to and making music, baking and cooking.

Tina Rauch copyTina Rauch
Vorschule Assistant / After School Program Teacher

I grew up in a small village between Linz and Salzburg in Austria.

After graduating from college with a degree in Social Occupations, I started working as a pre-preschoolteacher in my village in 2010. I really loved my work there as every day was a new experience; I never knew what would happen next. Kids have a way of making you feel happy and always give you an honest feedback. That´s what I really loved about my job.

In 2013 I decided to come to the US as I wanted to improve my English and I also wanted to learn more about the American way of living and the American education system. During time as an au pair in Oakland, I was exposed to a German summer school, which eventually led me to GAIS. I am very excited to be a part of the GAIS team.

Florian Busch copyFlorian Busch
First Grade Assistant & Hort Teacher

Hallo zusammen / hello everybody! My name is Florian Busch and I am very happy to be part of the GAIS team starting with the school year 2014/2015. I was born and raised in Bonn, Germany, and as a child, often went to summer camps – an activity I enjoyed so much, that I decided I wanted to be one of those child care workers that had made possible so many wonderful moments of my childhood.

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I started working as a volunteer for summer camps in the Netherlands and the South of France, then managing them, and quickly arrived to the conclusion that I not only wanted to be part of children’s social development, but also their educational one.

I made my official “Staatlich anerkannter Erzieher” Diploma at the prestigious Alice – Salomon – Berufsbildende Schule in Linz am Rhein in 2008 and since then, I’ve been working at public elementary schools around Bonn as an After School Teacher and Teacher Assistant, and continued organizing summer camps in the South of France.

It’s been a wonderful six years, working alongside teachers to support learning activities, giving extra support to students with special educational needs, running After School Clubs like Computer or Soccer… Now the time has arrived for me to start a new chapter, doing what I do best in a foreign country, none less than the United States! I am happy to have found a place at GAIS, eager to exchange my ideas with the teachers and try out all the activities I have in mind with the students and hopefully confirm once more that the joy to learn is universal.