Priya Wenzel,
has a son Sven at GAIS:

“Our son joined GAIS Preschool 3 years ago and we love it! The play-based Preschool environment is nurturing and stimulating and was ideal for him. He loved going to preschool and he loves Kindergarten. He is HAPPY at school. This is a very fun and happy school community. He has many friends and we are thrilled to have met many families who share similar values and who also have a long-term commitment to the school. GAIS is committed to developing ‘global citizens’ which is very important to us. The school offers a unique and outstanding curriculum. It being an IB World school is a great plus! Teachers are warm and caring and have exceptional skills and experience. Our son feels safe to explore and learn and being in a multi-cultural and multi-language environment has had a tremendous impact on his development. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to join GAIS.”

Beate Teufel,
has a son Yannick and daughter Annika at GAIS:

“We love this school! It has great teachers and we yet have to find one that is not a great role model for our children. The education is superb–(check out the scores) yet fun and caring. My children are safe, and they grow up to be caring, thinking, respectful, responsible, and inquisitive individuals. They love to learn and they love to go to school (preschool included). When we initially started looking for preschools for our daughter, we visited many. My daughter would not leave my side. After the first half hour of our tour at GAIS she said: “mommy–you can go home now. I want to stay and play.” We have not had a single day where we had to ‘drag’ one of our kids to school. Pair this with the great education– what more can a mother want for her children?”

Laura Vaughan,
has three sons at GAIS:

“The preschool at GAIS is fantastic. The teachers are outstanding and since most have been with the school for a long time, the resulting atmosphere is fun, caring, and inspiring for children.  The varying level of activites organized throughout the day and the year is pretty astounding, especially for a language immersion preschool. Examples are pumpkin patches, lantern parades, international sommer fest on top of daily circle times, teacher-led activities and project time.  This combination of language immersion, and the strong teaching and curriculum is tough to beat.”

David Pollak,
his son Martin and daughter Jianna are GAIS alumni:

“Immersion German language full curriculum school program. Many of the families have no German connection, but appreciate the benefits of a biligual education. By the time kids leave the school after 7th or 8th grade, they can get in at the top of the best high schools. The community around the school is also awesome with so many people coming from so many different places and sharing a very worldly perspective.”

Angelika Stalman,
has a son Nicolas at GAIS:

“My only point of reference is a year spent at a Montessori school. I know the philosophies are very different. GAIS is more play-based and less academic. So I’m not really looking for academic excellence in my son yet. During that one year that he spent in the Montessori school he produced a lot more artwork and brought a lot more projects home. At GAIS he’s very busy with building volcanoes, fairy houses and building dams in the sand box. And I think for a boy this is more important right now than nice art projects that would make mommy happy. I think our teacher is great and our son loves the program. He loves it so much that he asked every day during the Christmas break when school would start again. But he’s not that communicative yet and can’t tell me about all the fun things he’s actually learning. I get a glimpse of it sometimes when I drop him off or pick him up. There’s definitely a lot going on.”

Kimberly Schuster,
her son Kai and daughter Kendra are GAIS alumni:

“My son started at GAIS in the preschool in September 1998.  He is now in the eighth grade and still at GAIS.  My daughter started in the preschool in September of 2001 and is currently in the 6th grade.  Both children are kind, caring, respectful of others, outgoing with a deep understanding and tolerance of other cultures.  They are enthusiastic about going to school and enjoy learning in an international environment.  Despite not speaking German at home our German friends and family comment on the childrens excellent command of the German language.  They are truly bi-literate.  All of this is due in no small part to the small class environment and close teacher interaction as well as the nurturing, family driven environment at GAIS.”