GAIS regularly hosts student teachers from German, Austrian and Swiss universities. Student teachers can apply for stays for a minimum of three months and will be assigned a mentor teacher. While their observations and practical work will focus on one class, every attempt will be made to give student teachers a well-rounded learning experience in other areas of the school as well. GAIS will complete all necessary documents which the student teacher will need to authenticate the internship experience for university credit.

Please submit your online application at the bottom of this page. Thank you.


Once an internships period has been approved by the school, it is the student teacher’s responsibility to arrive in Menlo Park at his or her own expense. Student teachers are responsible for their own room, board and transportation. Student teachers will be asked to work in a classroom under the direct supervision of a GAIS teacher and will be assigned mutually agreed upon instructional tasks. These can vary from teaching a full class, a sub-group of the class, individual students or assisting in a support role. Student teachers will be expected to show an outstanding attitude, collaboration and enthusiasm to take on a variety of tasks inside and outside the classroom. A GAIS instructional leader will meet with the student every two weeks and report to the university at the conclusion of the internship.

  • Maintain a high standard of courtesy and professional relationships with all colleagues, students, parents, and interested parties and, in particular, show full respect for the cultures and backgrounds of all students, parents and colleagues
  • Maintain high quality instruction within all subject areas being taught
  • Possess verbal and written English skills corresponding to a high intermediate level
  • Show loyalty toward the school
  • Possess a solid Gymnasium education (average grade of 5) and good interim reports from the university
  • Possess good IT skills
  • Desirable: Experience in youth leadership

Time Period

We will accept students at any time during the academic year, if this is in agreement with the requirements of the university. However, we prefer the students to begin their internship after the completion of a so-called unit of iniqury (7-week-loop). More information about the duration of the units and the general academic schedule can be found by contacting GAIS.

  • For details about the yearly vacation plan please check our School Calendar in our Calendar Section.
Costs and Residence
  • The school does not provide financial support for student teaching assignments.
  • Student teachers can stay in the USA for a total period of 3 months. Applicants who wish to stay for more than 3 months need to apply for a student visa. GAIS will help applicants with the visa appliaction but the visa costs (around US$ 1,300) are the applicant’s responsibility.
  • Student teachers must abide by all US laws and regulations. GAIS assumes no legal responsibility for a student teacher.

Application Process
  • Apply online (see below on this page)
  • Screening of application
  • Decision about placement will be sent to applicant by email
  • If necessary, GAIS will start the Visa process.