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About us

Welcome to GAIS!

Founded over 25 years ago, GAIS caters to German-speaking families seeking a German school, English-speaking families who want their children to learn another language, and international families who want an IB education. We accept English speakers in preschool, kindergarten, middle school and high school.

GAIS’ unique education provides children from preschool through high school with a balance between engaging, inquiry-based curriculum and a nurturing social environment. Students are guided from the early grades to ask their own questions, work on individual and group projects, and assess their own learning. The rigorous IB program prepares students for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

To learn more about our school in its new, larger location at 475 Pope Street in Menlo Park, California, please email us, phone us at +1 650-324-8617, or fill out a contact form. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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