We encourage carpooling at GAIS to reduce car trips to school, relieve pressure on our limited parking, and help the environment.

To find a family to carpool with before the directory is available, email

These carpooling stories will make you want to join a carpool even if you bike to school!

?What is a carpool?

A carpool is any arrangement that eliminates another car trip to school. (It is not two or three children from the same family riding together.)

carpool-icon pngGAIS Carpooling Stories!

Read some of our GAIS stories about carpooling. Click here.

InfoImportant information

Cars should not parked outside of the GAIS parking lot at the end of Elm Street. Please do not park on the neighboring streets. Please drive slowly in the neighborhood.

Benefits to Kids
  • Multi-Culture exposure
  • Making new friends
  • Reduced bullying
  • Increased safety
Benefits to Parents
  • Free up your morning!
  • Save on the cost of gas
  • Less wear & tear on your vehicle
  • Help increase social interaction and community feeling
Benefits to School
  • Less traffic and fewer accidents around the school
  • Reduced parking problems
  • Contribute towards a cleaner environment
  • Less pollution